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One Simple Smile Can Change Your Day

Maybe today, just try and smile at people as you pass them, hold eye contact that little longer, with the sparkle of compassion and warmth.

Our community has eroded to such an extent that it has left us devoid of the richness of feeling the flow of love that exists when we allow ourselves to open up to our more natural state as a connected family.

The good news is that we can be the medicine for the ailment that afflicts us and so many western or so-called developed cultures. All we need to do is be a little courageous, a little vulnerable and be the person to say ‘hello’, to look up from our phones and connect with others as we travel through the day.

Smile by smile, connection by connection we can each water the withering vines of community and create a richer, more deeply connected life for ourselves and the strangers waiting to become our friends.

A Little Smile Gallery That Brings a Smile To My Face Every Time I See Them


Do You Want To Learn More?

The Hidden Power of Smiling

If you are into research, you might enjoy this quick TED Talk from Ron Gutman on the benefits of smiling; including being a predictor to how long you will live, to brain stimulation and feeling better about yourself and life.


Modern-Day Mindfulness Guide to Help You to Become More Present

If you would like to discover 13 transformative practices to help you to become more present, get your copy of Creating Peace in Uncertain Times, a book written in support of Lifeline and designed to help you on your wellbeing journey.

100% of profits are donated to the incredible team at Lifeline to help with suicide prevention.


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