‘A of journey, of courage, of heart. One you will remember where and when you read it. This century's Alchemist.’


- Kristina Freeman

A novel about finding your dreams and living them.


The Jar of Dreams came to me in a dream when I was half way up a mountain in the Himalayas. As Ashoo travels through his adventure he unravels many lessons that help him realise the importance of living his dreams and my dream is that this story can, in some way, help create a spark that helps children grow with their dreams and for many adults to experience the joy of coming back to living theirs.


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We are at a time of opportunity and transition, where the tectonic plates of the old world are shifting and creating space for the new to come. As our relationship with government, education, business and religion evolves, a new reality is dawning.


We feel questions rising in us, reflected in the world around us.


Is this pursuit of money, possessions bringing me the happiness I hoped it would?


What does my work truly mean to me?


If I could re-create my life again today, what would I choose?


Why am I here?


What legacy do I really want to leave?


This book is the result of my experience as a curious human, CEO, entrepreneur and father of two, fused with the wisdom that I have been lucky enough to soak up from many learned and generous spirits who I have been lucky enough to meet.


Discover what Purpose is and how it can you become more potent in every stream of your life; work, relationships and you.

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Busyness and external validation have become two of the world’s biggest addictions.


Whether at work or at home, these addictions coupled with the pervasive nature of technology leads us into an almost constant state of distraction that in turn is one of the root causes of mental health issues.


The Power of Space is a book that explores how we can reduce and overcome our personal and societal addiction to busyness and help cure the global epidemic of mental illness through simple, practical, yet transformative daily practices.

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