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Fairy Lights


Creating Inner Peace
in Uncertain Times

This little book is a modern-day guide to help you to navigate your way through these times of change and uncertainty.​​

CREATING PEACE Wellness Book Lifeline Mental Health Book

If you want to sleep better, reduce your stress or be more connected with your family, 

check out the simple, but transformative practices in this book.

Plus 100% of profits go to supporting the amazing team at Lifeline.

Would you like a custom well-being book
written for your teams or customers?

Show your team or customers that you care about their well-being by working with Alan to create a bespoke book (e-book or printed) with practical tips on how to reduce stress, improve relationships

and grow well-being. 


It is quick and easy to do.

trusted by
Uprise Mental Health and well-being programs
University of New South Wales
Women of Influence
Joye well-being programs for microsoft teams
Interrelate Well-being Services

Simone Bilson

“'What a great little book to give to my family and friends in these crazy times."

Daniel Priess

"This helped me to be more present with the people that I love, and more aware of how I can support them."

David Thomas

CEO Lifeline NB

“'Wonderful insights and exercises to create time and peace in today's fast-paced society."
Fairy Lights

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The Jar of Dreams book cover

The Jar of Dreams

‘A journey of courage, of heart.​ One you will remember where and when you read it.

This century's Alchemist.’

Kristina Freeman

Discover The Jar of Dreams

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