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Meet Me On The Bridge

When I look at you on this bridge,

I see you,


I see me.

We share the same beginning,

the same end.

We share the same air,

the same earth.

We stand together on this bridge,

free of our past.

On each bank,

people water the seeds of division.

Choosing to grow the pain of our future selves,

over the abundant harvest of love.

Respectful of our ancestors,

we dream a new dream.

All with equal voice,

each listening deeply.

Open to the discomfort,

born of our differences,

of our uniqueness.

Open to the possibilities of a future not yet imagined.

Open to each other,

open to oneness.


Indigenous Thinking To Change Your Life

If you are looking to reconnect with yourself, with the people that you love most and with our beautiful planet, this is a book that is packed with gifts for you.

Uncle Paul Callaghan and Uncle Paul Gordon provide a doorway into the ancient wisdom that is held in Australia’s First Nations’ culture. A doorway into over sixty thousand years of lived experience and wisdom. A wisdom and a culture that holds much of the healing that we are looking for in these disconnected and uncertain times.

The Dreaming Path is a gift to the world, and if you would to give yourself or someone you love a gift, check it out here.


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