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What Can You Do Today to Create a Better Tomorrow?

Not so long ago, we all held our collective breath.

We prayed for the rains to come.

We hoped that communities would not burn, and that the beautiful creatures that we share this land with would suffer no more.

The flames came.

They changed much.


scarring the landscape,

and the psyche of many in its path.

But through the pain, we held each other’s hand.

We gave without wanting, and when we could not give, we held our people and mother nature in our hearts.

The fires showed us that together we can heal,

together we can create a better future.

If you take your next step wondering, ‘what can I give?’ rather than ‘what can I take?’ You will be a leader.

Planting the seeds for our children and our children’s children,

to grow in a world where love, giving and abundance is what connects us.

What can you do today?

What future do you dream of creating for the small feet that will tread in our footsteps?

Australian Bushfires what can we do today to create a better tomorrow?

Reforest Now Helping to Create a Better Tomorrow. Reforestation. Every Small Step Helps.

With all my thanks to the team at Reforest Now for caring and helping our rainforests regenerate. If you would like to learn more or connect with Zia and the team, you can jump to their site here.

Photos by Darcey Grant.


Want To Learn More of Help?

Help Plant Trees Here

If you would like to help create a better future, get in touch with the team at Reforest Now to find out how easy it is to help reforest our precious rainforests.

Want To Learn More?

Tyson Yunktaporta’s book Sand Talk is an incredible book that feels as if you are walking with Tyson, learning the ancient wisdom of Australia’s First Nations as he shows us new pathways to create a better future.


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