Talking Presence

It was fun to chat on The Map and Territory podcast about Presence Practices and how they can help us in our different streams of life; work, relationships and life.

I hope you enjoy this conversation as much as I did. Phil is a brilliant host and great guy doing great things with his podcast and his work with Leaders for Good, an organisation that helps leaders grow themselves, their teams and their businesses with purpose.

Find out more about Leaders for Good here...

Naturally, we talk about Purpose and its role in life and business as well as delving into some of the Presence Practices and how they can help us reduce our stress and anxiety in these challenging times and also help us to become;

more potent in our work

more connected in our relationships

more creative in building the life of our highest dreams

Check out the full episode & more at any of the below links:




Or if you would just like a snippet, check out the little five-minute video

And if you are really into Presence and Purpose, here are a few of the resources we talked about:


For expanding our awareness… Sand Talk by Tyson Yunktaporta Hidden World by Dr Kaushik Ram

For anyone who enjoys creativity and ideas… Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert

For an enduring example of a Purpose-driven organisation… Book. Let my people go Surfing by Yvon Chouinard

Charity Partners for Creating Peace in an Uncertain World: Lifeline Northern Beaches Reforest Now A Stitch in Time

I hope you enjoy...

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