Is Busyness the Addiction that is Killing your Dreams?

We all live busy lives. 

Between work, family and friends, there is little time for ourselves, or more if we are honest, we create little time for ourselves. We often sacrifice peace for productivity, leaving our minds, bodies and spirits depleted or drained.

Busyness: Society's Unhelpful Myth

We are taught from a young age that busyness is good. Through our language, it is linked to productivity and is mistakenly portrayed as a pathway to creating a life of affluence and abundance. Busy people are often assumed to be the most successful.

Busyness is so deeply engrained in our society and our psyche that for many, even suggesting that they explore what the benefits of a less busy life may be, brings a sense of discomfort and in some cases an outright rejection.

The truth though, if we step out of our busy mind for a moment is that:

Busyness is a distracted state where we cannot access our most potent self in our work and careers.

Busyness keeps us from being present with the people we love most in life.

Busyness stops us from experiencing the deep joy that exists when we are alive and present in the moment.

Busyness ultimately holds us back from living our highest dreams, living the life that would bring us each a peaceful smile in our final breath before departing this world.

Awareness: The First Step

The first step to healing our addiction to busyness is to start to become aware of it and where it exists in our life.

When we become aware, we can begin a new relationship. One where we can see more clearly how it has, and is, shaping our life.

Through awareness we can begin to see those moments where we previously defaulted to busyness. We begin to choose being present and in these moments we get a brief, fleeting glimpse of what true peace feels like.

Like all journeys, choosing peace over busyness and distraction is not an easy one and it takes time. But trust me, as a recovering busyness addict, it is worth it.

My experience is that presence unlocks more abundance, more affluence, more capacity to create a life I love and more joy.

I still often drop out of presence and into distraction, that is the nature of life.

But this post and the ones that will follow are hopefully a helpful reflection and reminder for me on how life is better when I am present and I hope they can, in some way be a helpful reflection for you.

Please feel free to drop me a line if you would like to share or chat about anything.

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