Imagine a world where giving is the new currency

Imagine a world where 7.5 billion people all stopped, in this very moment, and thought of something that they could do to brighten someone else’s day. It’s a big thought, so give your imagination time to warm up and begin to paint its beautiful picture of a world re-connected through compassion and the simple act of caring.

Breathe it in, feel the warm smiles spreading down the street and across our planet.

(Quick, but important note... Don’t worry if the cynical thoughts of ’that could never happen’ pop into your mind. Allow them to come in, thank them for their view on the world, and then wish them a nice day as you show them out of the back door).

Now, let’s come back to that picture that you were happily creating, and then bring the focus back to you.

You see, everything always begins with you.

All you need is a little help to remember the simple truths and practices of life that water the seeds of positivity inside you. Then you can help others water their lives and before we know it... 7.5 billion warm, loving smiles around the world.

Goodness is just as infectious as fear. Which do you choose and which world would you like to live in?

Thank you for taking time to read this today and for giving more of you to the world.

We need you xx

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