Presence Practice #1 Switch-Off

Updated: Oct 27, 2020

It may seem strange to be writing about our relationship with technology on a blog. But seeing as we are both here, it seems like a good place to start.

As you read this post, maybe just allow yourself time to be present with the questions below as you sit quietly…

“Is technology, social media, the 24/hr news cycle, constantly being distracted by the background noise of e-mails and work:

  1. enriching my relationships with the people I love most?

  2. helping me be present and the most potent form of myself at work?

  3. aiding me in creating the life that I dream of and that will help me smile when I look back as I am taking my last breath?”

Technology isn’t bad, it is just that for so many of us, it has become a silent addiction, creeping its way into our lives, drawing us away from the magic and the opportunity that exists in the smallest moments.

There is life beyond this little screen, but it is addictive, so we all need a little help, at times, to put it down and open our eyes back up to real life.

Here are 4 easy steps for you to help you begin to re-balance your relationship with all things electronic and open your eyes, mind and heart to the magical moments happening around you every day.

Step #1

Sit down with the people you live with (or yourself if you are flying solo at the moment) and agree on when is a reasonable time for the house to be phone free in the morning and evening (oh and by the way, this goes for Netflix, TV, not so smartwatches, wifi etc.)

Step #2

Get a box, a bag or a cushion (if you really love your devices) and declare it the ‘Time Out Cushion (or box or bag).

Step #3

At the agreed time, turn all your devices off and put them in your designated place.

Step #4

Now it’s time to have fun reconnecting with the things and the people you love most (that includes re-connection with yourself).

If you are interested to try some other ways to manage your relationship with technology, here are a few bonus tips:

Turn-off Your Notifications

This is a simple but great way to rebalance things. Set times to check your phone, as you would you email. This can give you time for deep thinking pursuits at work (strategy, creativity, development of solutions etc) and also helps to stop the distractions when you at home.

Keep Your Phone off for the First 30-120 Minutes of the Day

Transformative way to set up each morning, helping you increase the level of energy and mental clarity into your day.

Leave your Phone on Your Desk

Don't take your phone with you everywhere. Take time out of your day and go for a short walk, sit in a park, grab some lunch and don't put your phone in your pocket. Small breaks from technology help you to destress and recharge your brain and your system.


Good luck creating a life beyond the screen,

a life where happiness and fulfilment grow with every moment you spend in the real world, watering the seeds of your passions and the relationships that mean the most to you.


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