A Blog Written for Me that I Hope is of Help for You.

Sitting down to write this blog is an interesting experience...

Writing has often been a highly personal part of my life. Since I was young, writing was the space that I felt safe in, the place where I could be vulnerable, where I could have the kind of deep, reflective,  moments with myself that I was not comfortable having with others.

Writing has given me so much; It is one of the pathways that always leads me back to my quiet light within. The place where I find the peace that I am, and that we all are. The place where I can observe myself, where I can step out from the identities that I have spent a lifetime becoming so adept at crafting.

So, sitting here writing this first blog, I feel the familiar conversation with my mind that wants me to write something clever, something that will get people thinking. 

But then something else within me softly suggests that I forget that a blog is a publishing medium and that I write as I always have, to write purely for the experience of writing.

The truth is that I love writing and that when I write, it does not come from my thoughts, but it is the clearest mirror of the role that my thoughts play in my life.

I hope you enjoy following my journey through the world of business, relationships and life. I cannot promise how often I will write, but if there is ever anything that you would like to chat about, I am always available to talk.

Thank you, alan

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